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EPA Announces Near Zero Drinking Water Health Advisories for Certain PFAS Chemicals

USA - June 16 2022 The record-low health advisories form part of the EPA’s 2021 PFAS Strategic Roadmap, which forecasts further regulatory action at both state and…

Julia A. Hatcher, Andy Landolfi, Thomas C. Pearce, Phil Sandick, Taylor R. West

Treatment of PFAS Under New Phase I Environmental Site Assessment Standards Highlights Transactional Risk

USA - December 23 2021 A revised standard highlights the need for parties to consider non-scope considerations when conducting environmental assessments for transactions…

David S. Langer, G. Jack Mathews, Thomas C. Pearce

US Supreme Court Decision May Affect NRD Trusteeship Determinations

USA - December 6 2021 The decision could complicate states’ ability to pursue groundwater natural resource damages actions…

Gary P. Gengel, Thomas C. Pearce, Taylor R. West

Environmental Compliance and COVID-19 - 5 Questions for Companies to Consider

USA - April 15 2020 Companies should stay abreast of fast-moving changes to federal, state, and local regulatory stay-at-home orders and compliance guidance…

Julia A. Hatcher, John C. Heintz, Cody M. Kermanian, Aron Potash

New York to Consider Imposing California Proposition 65-Like Labeling Requirements

USA - April 16 2019 The prospect of facing bicoastal enforcement in two of the largest markets in the US could prove burdensome to businesses. On January 21, 2019, New…

James A. Erselius, Lucas I. Quass, Michael G. Romey