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Data protection and privacy laws in the Middle East

Middle East - October 15 2013 At a symposium held in Dubai in March 2013, Gartner forecast that IT infrastructure spending in the Middle East would increase by 4 percent in 2013 to…

The interpretation of warranties, indemnities and representations in commercial contracts governed by the laws of England and Wales, South Africa or the United Arab Emirates

South Africa, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom - October 25 2012 Warranties, indemnities and representations are familiar concepts to commercial lawyers and form the legal backbone of many commercial agreements.

Alice Marsden, Elizabeth N. Purcell

Service levels and service credit schemes in outsourcing

Global - April 30 2013 Service levels and service credits are probably the most important tools used in outsourcing contracts to ensure that the supplier performs the…

Alice Marsden, Brian A. Meenagh

How to effectively manage outsourcing contracts

Middle East - October 22 2013 The Middle East is emerging as one of the biggest growth markets for outsourcing. Organizations seeking cost and efficiency savings combined with…

Alice Marsden, Brian A. Meenagh

An introduction to the laws on data protection and privacy rights

United Arab Emirates - April 30 2013 While the UAE constitution and certain federal laws recognise an individual right to privacy in specific circumstances, the UAE has not established a…

Alice Marsden, Brian A. Meenagh