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Navigating the Shifting ESG Landscape and Its Impacts on Value Chains

OECD, USA - June 27 2022 Companies should be prepared for increasing demand to factor ESG into their value chains as well as new mandates from government authorities…

Paul Davies, Sarah E. Fortt, Betty M. Huber, Sabrina Singh, Angela Walker

The Future of Human Rights Due Diligence: UNGPs and the Draft Treaty on Business and Human Rights

Global - November 21 2022 Human rights due diligence standards are being negotiated at the international level, which may complement or complicate national and regional…

Paul Davies, Sarah E. Fortt, Betty M. Huber, Sabrina Singh, Angela Walker

Chemicals Legislation Faces New Reforms in the UK, Europe and US post Brexit

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - July 3 2016 Barack Obama signed the bipartisan Frank R. Lautenberg Chemical Safety for the 21st Century Act on 22 June of this year. This Act, which came into…

Paul Davies, Alice Gunn

Environmental Compliance and COVID-19 - 5 Questions for Companies to Consider

USA - April 15 2020 Companies should stay abreast of fast-moving changes to federal, state, and local regulatory stay-at-home orders and compliance guidance…

Kegan A. Brown, John C. Heintz, Cody M. Kermanian, Aron Potash

Hydraulic fracturing update: legal developments and trends

European Union, USA - April 7 2014 In a “green completion,” gas and liquid hydrocarbons are separated from the flow back fluids (and associated debris) that comes from the well as it is…

Daniel P. Brunton, Ann Claassen, Benjamin M. Lawless, Joel H. Mack, Sara K. Orr