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Key Topics for the 2023 UK AGM and Reporting Season

United Kingdom - January 9 2023 Latham & Watkins Capital Markets Practice 10 January 2023 | Number 3039 Key Topics for the 2023 UK AGM and Reporting Season UK listed companies face…

Anna Ngo, Johannes Poon

UK Pre-Emption Group Issues Updated Statement of Principles

United Kingdom - November 10 2022 The updated Statement of Principles will have an immediate impact on UK listed companies, providing increased flexibility to undertake larger…

Anna Ngo, Johannes Poon

Major Reforms to UK Secondary Capital Raising Processes

United Kingdom - August 1 2022 The landmark UK Secondary Capital Raising Review Report takes a holistic approach in making bold and comprehensive recommendations to improve the UK…

M. Ryan Benedict, Anna Ngo, Johannes Poon

Recap on Reforming the UK Capital Markets

United Kingdom - August 1 2022 The outcome of the UK Secondary Capital Raising Review, launched on 12 October 2021 to improve further capital raising processes for UK publicly…

Anna Ngo, Johannes Poon

FCA Proposes to Unify the Listing Regime for Commercial Companies Under a Single Listing Segment

Global, United Kingdom - June 13 2022 The regulator continues its Primary Markets Effectiveness Review to promote the competitiveness of a UK listing…

Chris Horton, Anna Ngo, Johannes Poon