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European Commission Proposes Legislation to Prohibit Products Made or Imported With Forced Labour

European Union - September 15 2022 The proposal highlights the growing global focus on companies’ human rights obligations not just towards employees but also towards workers in their…

Paul Davies, Michael D. Green

European Commission Consults on New Ecodesign Requirements for Smartphones and Tablets

European Union - September 13 2022 Mobile device manufacturers may be subject to regulations that aim to mitigate the environmental impact of such devices…

Paul Davies, Michael D. Green

ECB and IMF Call to Avoid Fragmentation in Global ESG-Related Disclosure Requirements

European Union, Global, USA - August 19 2022 The European Central Bank (ECB) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF), two of the world’s leading public financial institutions have stressed the…

Paul Davies, Sarah E. Fortt, Michael D. Green, Betty M. Huber

6 Sustainability Takeaways in EU Antitrust & Regulatory

European Union, OECD - August 18 2022 The European Parliament and European Council reached a provisional political agreement on the terms of the EU's proposed Corporate Sustainability…

France-Helene Boret, Edoardo Cassinelli, Paul Davies, Michael D. Green, Nicola Higgs, David Little, Cesare Milani, Jean Paul Poitras, Clément Pradille, Leticia Sitges, Alexander Wilhelm

TNFD Releases Second Version of Its Disclosure Framework

Global - July 18 2022 The second version includes guidance on metrics and how companies can conduct dependency and impact evaluation

Paul Davies, Michael D. Green, Austin J. Pierce