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ESG Toolkit Expands for European PE

Global - October 7 2021 Market sentiment and the increasing importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) to firms’ competitiveness across the market, combined…

Hannah Berdal, Catherine Campbell, Paul Davies, Tom D. Evans, Michael D. Green, Nicola Higgs, Anne Mainwaring, David J. Walker

The Rise of Growth Equity — Connecting PE and VC

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - December 16 2020 As private equity targets emerging companies, PE investors are expanding VC deal terms and dynamics…

Catherine Campbell, Tom D. Evans, Jon Fox, Shing Yuin Lo, Robbie McLaren, Katie Peek, Mike Turner, David J. Walker

ESG in European Private Equity: The Effects of COVID-19

European Union, USA - June 22 2020 Increasing interest in ESG issues presents an opportunity for sponsors to re-evaluate their existing ESG strategies…

Hannah Berdal, Paul Davies, Nicola Higgs

Private Equity Firm Enters ESG-Linked Fund-Level SCF

USA - June 15 2020 The ESG performance will be measured quarterly, with the average performance of the portfolio companies judged by reference to three KPIs…

Paul Davies, Michael D. Green, Dominic J. Newcomb

Individual Accountability for PE Executives Continues to Increase Under Legal and Regulatory Changes

United Kingdom - October 16 2017 Corporate accountability has been a key focus for UK legislators and regulators since the credit crisis, as authorities have taken action against…

Simon Baskerville, David Berman, Alex Hewitt