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China and EU to Collaborate on Green Investment Standards

China, European Union - April 12 2021 The People’s Bank of China announced a collaboration with the European Union to adopt a common taxonomy for green investments. On 21 March 2021, the…

Paul Davies, Nicola Higgs

European Commission Publishes New Green Bond Standard and Unveils Latest Sustainable Finance Strategy

European Union - July 14 2021 The new green bond standard aims to hit EU Green Deal targets, address environmental challenges, and increase investment in sustainable activities…

Paul Davies

French Development Agency Unveils New SDG Bond Framework

France - October 26 2020 The Agence Française de Développement (AFD) has issued a new Sustainable Development Bond Framework (the Framework) that establishes bond eligibility…

Paul Davies, Roberto L. Reyes Gaskin, Michael D. Green

Sustainability Linked Leveraged Loans in Europe: LMA and ELFA Release Best Practice Guide

USA - August 3 2021 On 28 July 2021, the Loan Market Association (LMA) and European Leveraged Finance Association (ELFA) published a best practice guide (the Guide) to…

Karan Chopra, Paul Davies, Sindhoo Vinod Sabharwal

PRIIPs and Corporate Bonds — Clarity at Last?

European Union - October 31 2019 The ESAs have issued their final view on whether certain features within bonds are conclusive as to the existence of a PRIIP. Importantly, it is now…

Lene Malthasen, Basil Al-Jafari, James Baxter, M. Ryan Benedict, Charlotte Collins, Carl Fernandes, Nicola Higgs, Jeffrey H. Lawlis, Anne Mainwaring, Rob Moulton