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Additional ESG Obligations to Enter Into Force for German Companies

European Union, Germany - March 10 2021 The German government has adopted draft law to ensure corporate compliance with human rights in the supply chain…

Paul Davies, Michael D. Green, Joachim Grittmann, Alexander Wilhelm

Bundesinnenministerium bestätigt: Datenschutzbehörden können DSGVO-Geldbußen nicht direkt gegen Unternehmen verhängen

European Union, Germany - November 5 2021 Die deutschen Datenschutzbehörden verhängen derzeit Bußgelder wegen Verstößen gegen die DSGVO direkt gegen das jeweilige Unternehmen. Diese…

Isabelle Brams, Prof. Dr. Thomas Grützner, Tim Wybitul

New German Law Aims to Strengthen Global Human and Environmental Rights

Germany, Global - June 30 2021 The law imposes mandatory human rights and environmental due diligence obligations on companies in Germany as of 1 January 2023…

Paul Davies, Alexander Wilhelm

Current Developments in the US: White-Collar Enforcement and trends for 2020

European Union, USA - February 11 2020 In the following article we will discuss the current developments and trends for 2020 and outline what EU-based companies with a US presence should…

Leslie R. Caldwell, Prof. Dr. Thomas Grützner

The Emergence of a European Duty of Vigilance for Large Companies and Its Potential Impact at the National Level

European Union, Global - March 1 2022 On 23 February 2022, the European Commission adopted its much-anticipated proposal on corporate sustainability due diligence. By setting a standard…

Elise Auvray, Fabrice Fages, Joachim Grittmann, Prof. Dr. Thomas Grützner, Hana Ladhari, Cesare Milani, Andra-Cristina Tihauan, Alexander Wilhelm