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Federal Reserve Proposes Climate Risk Guidance for Large Financial Institutions

USA - December 9 2022 The guiding principles are similar to related proposals from other banking regulators, but will require further clarification through the comment…

Nicola Higgs, Betty M. Huber, Arthur S. Long, Anne Mainwaring, Pia Naib

LBRY Ruling: A Nice Read for the SEC

USA - November 18 2022 On November 7, 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) prevailed in a motion for summary judgment against blockchain-based streaming and…

Jack M. McNeily, Benjamin A. Naftalis, Stephen P. Wink, Douglas K. Yatter, Adam Zuckerman

White House Issues Digital Asset Framework

OECD, USA - September 30 2022 On September 16, 2022, the White House published a Fact Sheet described as the first-ever “Comprehensive Framework for Responsible Development of…

Alan W Avery, Adam Bruce Fovent, Arthur S. Long, Pia Naib, Yvette D Valdez, Stephen P. Wink, Douglas K. Yatter

SEC Unveils Strategic Plan With Renewed Focus on Technology

USA - September 15 2022 The plan directs the agency to develop a robust regulatory framework to prevent market misconduct, as SEC officials’ public comments keep…

Marlon Q. Paz, Donald Thompson, Stephen P. Wink

Federal Reserve Issues Cryptoasset Engagement “Rules of the Road” for Its Supervised Banking Organizations

USA - August 24 2022 The Federal Reserve is taking measured steps to better understand the types of cryptoasset-related activities contemplated by its supervised banking…

Alan W Avery, Pia Naib