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Buying Bonds or Selling Tulips: Dutch Auctions and Other Debt Repurchase Strategies for PE

Netherlands, USA - January 30 2023 Bond issuers may wish to pursue an unmodified reverse Dutch auction for debt repurchases, an effective but underutilised transaction template that is…

Catherine Campbell, Tom D. Evans, Francesco Lione

W&I Insurance: Hard Staple, Hard Sell?

United Kingdom - January 30 2023 Warranty and indemnity (W&I) insurance has become an important component of European PE transactions in recent years. However, changing market…

Neil Campbell, Catherine Campbell, Edward Coates, Tom D. Evans, Sebastian Pauls, Maximilian Platzer

PE Must Strike the Right Balance With Unions

United Kingdom - January 30 2023 PE acquirers should view unions as stakeholders and factor possible or actual engagement obligations with them into the deal process. Widespread…

Kendall L. Burnett, Catherine Campbell, Tom D. Evans, Paul R. Lawrence

PE on Red Alert for Greenwashing in Light of UK Developments

OECD, United Kingdom - January 30 2023 PE firms face growing regulatory and litigation risks from greenwashing claims as they navigate a fragmented anti-greenwashing landscape. Amid…

Catherine Campbell, Tom D. Evans, Anne Mainwaring, Nell Perks

Episode 44 - PE Views: Private Equity Looks to Share-Based Schemes to Incentivise Non-Managerial Staff

USA - January 20 2023 Equity and co-investment opportunities have long served as tried and tested strategies for buyout firms seeking to incentivise management and align…

Kendall L. Burnett