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Will foreign-owned mining companies build Africa's sail and seaport infrastructure?

Africa - April 11 2014 The majority of Africa’s commodities are meant for export markets, therefore it’s critical that you have the infrastructure in place. But in some…

Glen Ireland

The challenge of monetizing Africa’s mineral-rich resources

Africa - September 11 2013 A significant challenge facing foreign companies relates to risks associated with a change in the law and/or renegotiation of existing concessions…

IFC report advances debate on mining infrastructure

Africa - June 20 2013 The International Finance Corporation (IFC), a subsidiary of the World Bank Group, has recently published a report aimed at furthering the on-going…

Glen Ireland, Dennis B. Nordstrom, Victoria Salem

Nigerian power sector reforms: opportunities and challenges for investment

Nigeria - February 11 2011 The Nigerian electrical power sector is in a highly charged state.

Simon Dickens, Craig R. Nethercott, Dennis B. Nordstrom, John Smelcer