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Cannabis Rethink Sparks PE Interest

European Union - January 18 2022 In years gone by, the prospect of significant PE investment in the cannabis industry would have been unthinkable for many. However, regulatory and…

Tom D. Evans, Eveline Van Keymeulen, Stuart Alford QC, Elizabeth M. Richards, David J. Walker

New Year, New Considerations for PE Under UK’s National Security and Investment Act

European Union, United Kingdom - January 18 2022 The UK’s National Security and Investment Act (NSI Act), is now officially in force, granting powers to the Secretary of State for Business, Energy…

Stephanie Adams, Tom D. Evans, Jonathan Parker, David J. Walker

Why Music Deals Sound Attractive to PE

United Kingdom - January 18 2022 Music deals, particularly the acquisition of rights to songs and recordings by popular music artists, continue to be attractive investments for PE…

Amrita Ahuja, Tom D. Evans, Andrew Gass, Rachael Astin (nee Hammond), Oscar Hayward, Kem U. Ihenacho, David Little, Lisbeth Savill, David J. Walker, Jonathan D. West

The Rise of the Competitive Scheme and Other Developments for Private Equity P2P Bidders

United Kingdom - January 18 2022 Amid stiff competition for attractive private targets, PE firms are competing more regularly against corporates and rival sponsors for listed targets…

Doug Abernethy, Richard Butterwick, Tom D. Evans, David J. Walker

ESG on the Rise in M&A Transactions

European Union, USA - January 11 2022 Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues have become increasingly important for corporates in recent years, driven initially by investor and…

James Bee, Richard Butterwick, Pierre-Louis Clero, Paul Davies, Michael D. Green, Tobias Larisch