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SEC v. Ripple: Approaching Judgment Day

USA - January 19 2023 While a conclusion to the much-hyped case may be approaching, market participants should be wary of doomsday prognostications. As a New Year begins…

Jack Barber, Deric M. Behar, Natalie Kaye DeLave, William R. Baker III, John J. Sikora Jr., Stephen P. Wink, Douglas K. Yatter

LBRY Ruling: A Nice Read for the SEC

USA - November 18 2022 On November 7, 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) prevailed in a motion for summary judgment against blockchain-based streaming and…

Deric M. Behar, Jack M. McNeily, Stephen P. Wink, Douglas K. Yatter, Adam Zuckerman

US Deputy Attorney General Monaco Announces Revised Policies on Corporate Crime

USA - September 27 2022 Updated DOJ policies will continue to focus on individual accountability and corporate recidivism, while aiming to provide additional incentives for…

Joseph M. Bargnesi, Christopher J. Clark, Daniel Dominguez, Alice S. Fisher, Christopher D. Frey, Douglas N. Greenburg, Scott D. Joiner, Erin Brown Jones, Brian E. Kowalski, Daniel J. Morales, Nathan H. Seltzer, Eric S. Volkman, Drew Wisniewski, Alex Wyman, Douglas K. Yatter

CFPB Puts Fintechs in the Crosshairs

USA - May 2 2022 On April 25, 2022, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) — the US government agency established under the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and…

Deric M. Behar, Matt Hays, Parag Patel, Barrie VanBrackle

The Limits of Applying Reves v. Ernst & Young to DeFi and the Perils of Regulating Web3 by Enforcement

USA - January 25 2022 The SEC’s reliance on a nebulous US Supreme Court decision raises important questions for the future of decentralized finance…

Peter E. Davis, Douglas K. Yatter