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The EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive — How Companies Need to Prepare

Global, USA - January 27 2023 The EU's latest initiative to enhance ESG disclosures will expand the requirements of earlier initiatives and bring considerably more companies…

James Bee, Paul A. Davies, Michael D. Green, David Little

DOL Final Rule on ESG Factors to Take Effect February 1, 2023

USA - January 24 2023 The Final Rule clarifies the application of ERISA's fiduciary duties of prudence and loyalty to the selection of plan investments that incorporate…

Krisa Benskin, Sarah E. Fortt, Karmpreet "Preeti" Grewal, Betty M. Huber, Benjamin Rosemergy, Tal A. Simon, Aryeh Zuber

COP15’s Global Biodiversity Framework and the Rising Focus on Nature — What Businesses Can Expect

Global - January 11 2023 The Global Biodiversity Framework adopted at COP15 to the Convention on Biological Diversity establishes long-term goals and interim targets to guide…

Paul A. Davies, Sarah E. Fortt, Betty M. Huber

NYDFS Proposes Guidance on Climate Change Risk Management

USA - January 10 2023 The Guidance would increase expectations for regulated financial institutions to identify, measure, monitor, and control climate-related financial…

Deric M. Behar, Betty M. Huber, Arthur S. Long, Pia Naib

Updated Timeline for ESG-Related Actions From SEC Under RegFlex Agenda

USA - January 5 2023 On January 4, 2023, the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs released the Fall 2022 Regulatory Flexibility Agenda. The agenda includes…

Paul A. Davies, Sarah E. Fortt, Karmpreet "Preeti" Grewal, Betty M. Huber