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IOSCO Calls for Oversight of ESG Ratings and Data Product Providers

Global - November 30 2021 The association noted that regulators could provide market participants with much-needed additional trust in ESG ratings and data…

James Bee, Paul Davies, Michael D. Green, Nicola Higgs

FCA Launches Discussion on Sustainability Disclosure Requirements and Product Labels

United Kingdom - November 4 2021 The regulator is inviting views on potential criteria for classifying and labelling investment products, and on further entity- and product-level…

David Berman, Charlotte Collins, Paul Davies, Nicola Higgs

UK Net Zero Strategy: Understanding the Impact on Key Sectors

Global, United Kingdom - October 22 2021 The strategy sets out plans to reduce emissions from key sectors of the UK economy to ensure that the UK remains on track for net zero by 2050…

Conrad Andersen, John Balsdon, James Bee, David Berman, Paul Davies, Michael D. Green, Nicola Higgs, Sam Newhouse, Simon J. Tysoe

UK Government Releases Roadmap to Sustainable Investing

Global, OECD, United Kingdom - October 21 2021 The roadmap introduces sustainability disclosure requirements for UK companies and reveals further developments in relation to a UK Green Taxonomy…

James Bee, David Berman, Paul Davies, Michael D. Green, Nicola Higgs

ESG Toolkit Expands for European PE

Global - October 7 2021 Market sentiment and the increasing importance of environmental, social, and governance (ESG) to firms’ competitiveness across the market, combined…

Hannah Berdal, Catherine Campbell, Paul Davies, Tom D. Evans, Michael D. Green, Nicola Higgs, Farah O’Brien, David J. Walker