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How to effectively manage outsourcing contracts

Middle East - October 22 2013 The Middle East is emerging as one of the biggest growth markets for outsourcing. Organizations seeking cost and efficiency savings combined with…

Justin B. Cornish, Brian A. Meenagh

Middle East telecommunications update - September 2013

Middle East - September 19 2013 Telecommunication companies in KSA may face fines of up to SR 25 million if they are found responsible for bulk messaging of promotional material…

Justin B. Cornish, Brian A. Meenagh

Outsourcing governance - Part 2 – using the contract tools

United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom - September 17 2013 Successfully managing an outsourcing contract requires customers both to include the right governance tools and mechanisms in their contracts and then…

Justin B. Cornish, Brian A. Meenagh

How to comply with laws that protect personal data in the Middle East

Middle East - August 9 2013 Whilst it is not widely recognized that countries in the Middle East have specific established laws applicable to data protection, privacy and data…

Justin B. Cornish, Omar M. Elsayed, Brian A. Meenagh

Procuring banking systems and technology in the Islamic banking sector

Global - June 26 2013 Strategic investment in information systems and technology is key to the continued growth and expansion of the Islamic banking sector. While analysts…

Justin B. Cornish, Brian A. Meenagh