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New Cyber Incident Reporting Requirements on the Horizon in the US

USA - April 11 2022 The US government continues to expand regulatory requirements around notification and disclosure of major cyberattacks or incidents. New measures are…

Serrin A.Turner, Jennifer C. Archie, Antony "Tony" Kim, Ryan J. Malo, Jimmy Smith

Eight key takeaways from FTC's settlement with Snapchat

USA - May 9 2014 Yesterday, the Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement with Snapchat, the young mobile messaging company. Thecomplaint alleges…

Jennifer C. Archie, Kevin C. Boyle

Data security compliance and APTs: new insights from "Putter Panda"

China, USA - June 13 2014 On Monday, the data security firm CrowdStrike released a new report pointing a digital finger at the Chinese Army for cyber espionage against western…

Kevin C. Boyle

4 Questions to Consider When Dealing With Children’s Data in the US

USA - February 25 2019 The FTC and many state attorneys general aggressively monitor apps, websites, and internet-connected products for COPPA compliance. In the United…

Jennifer C. Archie, Michael Rubin

Emergency UK legislation expands government powers to retain and intercept data

United Kingdom - August 18 2014 On July 17th, the Data Retention and Investigatory Powers Act ("DRIP") came into effect in the United Kingdom reinstating the Government's powers to…

Gail E. Crawford