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New Cyber Incident Reporting Requirements on the Horizon in the US

USA - April 11 2022 The US government continues to expand regulatory requirements around notification and disclosure of major cyberattacks or incidents. New measures are…

Serrin A.Turner, Jennifer C. Archie, Antony "Tony" Kim, Ryan J. Malo, Jimmy Smith

Virginia Consumer Data Protection Act: Second US State Passes Comprehensive Data Privacy Legislation

USA - March 4 2021 The Act represents an Accelerating trend among US states to attempt to pass comprehensive privacy legislation in the wake of the CCPA…

Jennifer C. Archie, Marissa R. Boynton, Michael Rubin

4 Questions to Consider When Dealing With Children’s Data in the US

USA - February 25 2019 The FTC and many state attorneys general aggressively monitor apps, websites, and internet-connected products for COPPA compliance. In the United…

Jennifer C. Archie, Michael Rubin

Keeping Your Company’s Data Safe This Tax Season

USA - February 13 2017 Tax-related identity theft is nothing new, but tax season 2016 took tax schemes to a new level. Last year, our cyber experts advised a large cluster…

Jennifer C. Archie

FCC Institutes New Privacy Regime for Broadband Providers and Other Telecommunications Carriers

USA - November 16 2016 On November 2, 2016, the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC) released an order adopting new privacy rules that will govern how broadband…

Jennifer C. Archie, James H. Barker, Matthew A. Brill, John P. Janka, Matthew T. Murchison, Amanda E. Potter