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LBRY Ruling: A Nice Read for the SEC

USA - November 18 2022 On November 7, 2022, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) prevailed in a motion for summary judgment against blockchain-based streaming and…

Deric M. Behar, Jack M. McNeily, Benjamin A. Naftalis, Stephen P. Wink, Douglas K. Yatter

Decentralized Autonomous Organizations: Piercing the Digital Veil

USA - May 10 2022 A complaint filed in federal court will test the boundaries of protection from liability for individuals behind decentralized autonomous organizations…

Deric M. Behar, Nima H. Mohebbi, Stephen P. Wink

2021 Digital Asset Regulatory Lookback (US Edition)

USA - January 24 2022 Popular and institutional interest in digital assets, decentralized applications, NFTs, and blockchain technology skyrocketed, and regulators sprinted…

Todd Beauchamp, Deric M. Behar, Adam Bruce Fovent, Yvette D Valdez, Stephen P. Wink

US Infrastructure Law: Top Impacts on the Digital Asset Industry

USA - November 22 2021 The industry will have two years to learn the new requirements and develop systems to ensure compliance…

Deric M. Behar, Elena Romanova, Stephen P. Wink

New US Digital Assets Bill Casts Wide Net

USA - September 10 2021 During an eventful summer for the digital assets industry, it may have been easy to miss US Representative Don Beyer’s introduction of the Digital…

Deric M. Behar, Adam Bruce Fovent, Yvette D Valdez, Stephen P. Wink