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European M&A Trends 2022 - early optimism turns to volatility

European Union - October 10 2022 At this point in 2022, we have analysed the trends emerging from a legal perspective in European M&A and have made predictions as to how the trends…

Herke van Hulst, Vicente Conde, David Haex, Giuliano Lanzavecchia, Greg Leyshon, Sarah Lunn, Philip Meichssner, Mikael Nelson, Catherine Olive

Decarbonising technologies for cities: Warsaw case study

United Kingdom - March 15 2022 Warsaw has joined the Race to Zero campaign to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2050 at the latest. It is also about to publish a new Climate…

Dr Katarzyna Barańska

Termination of cooperation with a Russian counterparty

Russia, United Kingdom - March 11 2022 Withdrawal from cooperation with Russian companies or discontinuation of business activity in Russia may involve different legal contexts which…