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Funds Focus Q4 2021

European Union, United Kingdom - December 2 2021 Welcome to the latest edition of Funds Focus. This year, the drive towards green finance and sustainable investing continues apace, with both the UK…

Helen Parsonage, Alison Riddle, Simon Thomas

Funds Legal Update | 26 October 2020

Cayman Islands, European Union, United Kingdom - October 26 2020 The Cayman Islands are off the EU's tax blacklist, and we report on Financial Conduct Authority fines for breaches of short-selling disclosure rules…

Helen Parsonage, Anna Perry, Simon Thomas

Has Covid-19 made IRR an irrelevant measure of success?

United Kingdom - September 8 2020 As confidence starts to return to the market, fund managers and investors are assessing the financial effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on internal…

Anna Perry

Choosing the right tool for the job: regulators focus on liquidity management

European Union, United Kingdom - July 28 2020 The onset of Covid-19 has led to re-evaluations of best practice in many aspects of asset management. From a European regulator perspective, one…

Lizette Hunter, Simon Thomas

Hold the tiger by the tail: the challenges of end of life funds

United Kingdom - July 1 2020 As lockdown is lifted and transactional activity returns, tail funds offer a way out of the malaise of the pandemic but require courage, planning and…

Anna Perry