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The labour deal in Belgium

Belgium - October 14 2022 The Belgian federal government has approved the so called Labour Deal including measures to further boost the employment rate in Belgium and to better…

Johan Collard, Bernd De Marrez, Vinciane Rysselinck, Julien Verbeke, Elisabeth Vleurinck

Does your Belgian company need to hold social elections in 2024?

Belgium - September 13 2022 Employment and pensions Social elections in Belgium are organised every four years. The next social elections are due to take place in May 2024. This…

Bernd De Marrez, Vinciane Rysselinck

Belgium adopts Intra-Corporate Transfer Directive to boost global staff mobility

Belgium, Global - June 7 2022 Belgium, in December 2021, fully implemented the European Union (EU) Intra-Corporate Transfer (ICT) Directive, which set up the framework for the EU…

Vinciane Rysselinck

How employers should prepare for data subject access requests

European Union, United Kingdom - May 24 2022 Data subject access requests (DSARs) often arise in the course of a termination of employment or a grievance procedure. A failure to respond to DSARs…

Elisabeth Vleurinck

Inflation triggers automatic indexation of salaries to rise in Belgium

Belgium - January 27 2022 Employers will need to take note of salary increases, a coronavirus premium and a rise in the automatic-indexation percentage…

Johan Collard