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Draft regulations on the quality requirements for hydrogen have been published

United Kingdom - September 6 2022 This information is important for the producers of hydrogen to be used to fuel vehicles and for laboratories planning to obtain certification for…

Poland is introducing tough criminal penalties for environmental crimes, including those resulting from a lack of diligence

Poland - September 1 2022 In Poland, environmental compliance is becoming crucial in risk management. The regulations establishing stricter criminal liability for environmental…

Dr Katarzyna Barańska, Małgorzata Dębicka, Ernest Łuczak, Mateusz Naporski, Łukasz Petelski

Planned changes to end-of-waste status for plastics and textiles

United Kingdom - June 29 2022 A number of legislative works are underway in the EU related to the implementation of tools for the Circular Economy Action Plan. These works are…