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EU takes legal action over failure to implement the single-use plastics directive

European Union - October 26 2022 The European Commission announced on 29 September 2022 that it is taking legal action against 11 EU Member States - Belgium, Denmark, Estonia, Ireland…

Veronica Webster Celda, Charlie Hennig, Auriane Quilan

Should electric vehicle battery manufacturers prepare for a regulatory revolution?

European Union - December 29 2022 In December this year, the European Parliament and the Council reached a preliminary political agreement on the text of the proposed…

Hydrogen series | Developing and financing a hydrogen project in Europe

European Union, Germany, Poland, Spain, United Kingdom - September 29 2022 With the global hydrogen generation market projected to reach 201 billion USD by 2025, understanding the hydrogen market and its role in the journey…

Dipika Keen, Blanca Montero, Olexiy Oleshchuk, Hannah Roscoe, Josh Taylor

Planned changes to end-of-waste status for plastics and textiles

United Kingdom - June 29 2022 A number of legislative works are underway in the EU related to the implementation of tools for the Circular Economy Action Plan. These works are…

European shift to green fleets will revolutionise businesses

United Kingdom - November 15 2022 The transport sector is a huge contributor to global emissions, and has a huge role to play in efforts to reach net zero. With the sale of new petrol…

Anisah Ahmed, Peter Barratt, Dr. Karla Klasen