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The government has vision for the UK as the world’s leading hub for life sciences

United Kingdom - September 22 2021 Details on the funding of the 10-year strategy, which builds on the UK's world-class capability and on lessons from the pandemic, could be outlined in…

Matthew Edwards, Anna Elliott, Rebecca Gordon, Tim Harris, Rob Hayes, Will James, Marc Shrimpling, Justin Starling

UK National Security & Investment Act - implementation date and 17 mandatory sectors confirmed

United Kingdom - July 22 2021 The UK government has confirmed that the National Security & Investment Act 2021 will fully come into effect on 4 January 2022 and published further…

Dipika Keen, Marc Shrimpling

European Super League - competition for top-tier football continues

European Union - June 21 2021 European Court of Justice asked to rule on antitrust question as three football clubs press on with plans for Super League In April 2021, twelve of…

Joachim Piotrowski

‘But we don’t even do any business in the UK…’

United Kingdom - May 27 2021 Judgment on the appeal against a block on the Sabre-Farelogix deal highlights the slippery nature of the UK 'share of supply' jurisdictional test The…

Joachim Piotrowski

A football competition with no real competition? How the breakaway Super League could become a widely contested competition law matter

United Kingdom - April 21 2021 Super League's competition law counter-attack In response to the Super League's creation, seen as the biggest threat ever posed to the UEFA Champions…

Sebastian Hack, Joachim Piotrowski