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Innovation underpins the global fashion industry's adjustment to decarbonisation

Global, United Kingdom - December 8 2022 The increasingly ambitious efforts of the fashion industry to address its historic and ongoing role in contributing to climate change and to promote…

Tim Harris

Details of Bill to relax gene editing rules in UK announced

United Kingdom - July 29 2022 The UK government recently introduced its Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill, following the announcement of plans for the Bill in the…

Katrina Anderson, Robyn Trigg, Katie Vickery

Government set to introduce new legislation to facilitate gene editing in plants

United Kingdom - February 15 2022 The UK wants genetic Technologies used for agricultural innovation, but the commercial path and patent position remain unclear The UK governme…

Katrina Anderson, Will James, Katie Vickery

Global patent disputes shadow the rise of solar energy

Global - December 14 2021 Technological advances are transforming solar into an increasingly viable renewable option, but the progress has come with a growth of international…

Tim Harris

UK sets out plans to diverge from EU regime on gene editing in plants

United Kingdom - October 1 2021 The government has signalled its intention to pave the way for gene-edited crops following a consultation on departing from EU rules, which has broad…

Tim Harris, Robyn Trigg