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UK business law predictions for 2023

European Union, OECD, United Kingdom - January 11 2023 As the New Year unfolds, we look ahead at what legal developments businesses can expect Prediction can be a fool's game; it is unlikely anyone…

Jennifer Alldridge, Nathalie Bowen, Colette Brimble, Helga Butler, Rob Camm, Clareine Enderby, Tessa Garner, Jennie Graham, Mairi Granville-George, Catherine Hammon, Charlie Hennig, Sarah Jordan, Dipika Keen, Sarah Lunn, Veronica McMahon, Anna Perry, Michelle Radom, Kath Sadler-Smith, Catherine Shepherd, Nick Thody, Seirian Thomas

Details of Bill to relax gene editing rules in UK announced

United Kingdom - July 29 2022 The UK government recently introduced its Genetic Technology (Precision Breeding) Bill, following the announcement of plans for the Bill in the…

Katrina Anderson, Sian Edmonds, Katie Vickery

General Court finds UK evidence not admissible post-brexit in euipo proceedings

European Union, United Kingdom - November 22 2022 A recent decision by the European Union's General Court has concluded that the requirements for challenging an EUTM must be satisfied not only at its…

Richard May

Russia retaliates against sanctions by curtailing foreign owners' IP rights

Russia - March 17 2022 Legislation has been passed allowing goods to be exempted from intellectual property protection and compulsory licensing without compensation…

Robert Guthrie, Tim Harris, Will James, Dr. Matthias Kloth, Dr. Johannes Graf Ballestrem, LL.M.

Vagisil versus Vagisan and prefixes: takeaways for healthcare brand owners

United Kingdom - February 18 2022 Intellectual property Vagisan was found by the High Court to infringe the Vagisil trade mark and a proposed rebrand to 'Dr Wolff's Vagisan' was…

Richard May