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Igniting an investment ‘big bang’: can DC schemes invest in illiquid assets?

United Kingdom - August 13 2021 As the government challenges all institutional investors to invest more in long-term UK assets, we look at the work being done to remove the barriers…

Jennifer Alldridge, Michael Lewis, Helen Parsonage.

Hybrid working: what are the legal risks to fast-track business growth?

United Kingdom - July 22 2021 New ways of working during the pandemic have put the onus on businesses to 'do it right' by their employees, put people first, build diversity and…

Olivia Sinfield.

Hybrid working: tumble out of bed and stumble to the kitchen

United Kingdom - July 1 2021 Businesses planning for the 'new normal' of flexible work will need to focus on workforce wellbeing, structures for agile working, encouraging…

Alex Farrell-Thomas, Olivia Sinfield.

Urban Dynamics | Managing risk around the shift to hybrid working

European Union, United Kingdom - April 13 2021 The necessary shifts in how and where we work during the pandemic have created new legal and compliance risks for businesses. What do businesses…

Catherine Hammon, Rachael Oakley, Olivia Sinfield.

Hybrid working: ‘The Risk Factor’ | Risk Review and Reset: For growth beyond 2021

United Kingdom - April 7 2021 The rapid transition to hybrid or remote working models exposes Businesses to new risks - risks that threaten the bottom line if not Addressed.

Olivia Sinfield.