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Choice of courts: Are asymmetric jurisdiction clauses still a good idea post-Brexit?

European Union, United Kingdom - March 10 2023 Asymmetric jurisdiction clauses bring with them new risks in an EU context, to be weighed on a deal-by-deal basis - past practices need to be…

Andrew Bartlett

Mediation for UK tax disputes: HMRC publishes new ADR guidance

United Kingdom - February 14 2023 HMRC has published a new manual providing detailed guidance on its approach to alternative dispute resolution (ADR) for tax disputes. The guidance…

Matthew Greene, Ian Hyde

Can you get more time to bring your claim because of something the other side has said?

United Kingdom - January 23 2023 Parties generally have six years to bring a claim in England based on breach of a contract or on a tort (civil wrong). Time starts running from the…

Peter Clough

How should evidence be taken from witnesses who do not speak English fluently?

United Kingdom - January 23 2023 A witness statement must be in the witness's own language, which has been defined as any language in which the witness is sufficiently fluent to give…

Peter Clough

What needs to be disclosed during court proceedings?

United Kingdom - January 23 2023 A number of recent cases have examined a range of disclosure and privilege issues Without prejudice privilege In A&A Mechanical Contractors & Co Ltd…

Peter Clough