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Crypto and blockchain in M&A: how to address issues around volatility, validity and valuation

United Kingdom - June 30 2022 The value of crypto-funded deals has doubled over the last couple of years, but there are specific challenges for parties and their advisers to be…

Catherine Hammon, Sarah Lunn, Veronica McMahon, Tom Try

Thresholds revised for mandatory notification under the proposed new National Security and Investment Bill

United Kingdom - April 20 2021 New 25% stake threshold intended to ensure regime is proportionate without reducing intervention powers The UK government has proposed (9 April 2021)…

Joachim Breithaupt, Simon Neill, Marc Shrimpling

UK National Security and Investment Bill | Fewer tech transactions to be caught under revised scope of rules

United Kingdom - March 12 2021 On 2 March 2021, the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published revised draft definitions to shape the scope of the…

Catherine Hammon, Marc Shrimpling, Ken Wilkinson

Employee options for fast-growth tech companies

United Kingdom - January 4 2021 The company will need to consider whether to offer the same or significantly different packages for hires in comparable positions. Relevant factors…

Laura Allum, Michael Carter, Mairi Granville-George, Dan Sharman

Supporting digitalisation through strategic tech acquisition

United Kingdom - December 10 2020 Businesses are advancing their digitalisation strategies through acquisitions that bring in technology and skills - but there are issues to bear in…

Catherine Hammon, Sara Valentine