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Bribery and corruption provisions

Belgium, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Italy, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, United Kingdom - October 23 2017 The Belgian Criminal Code (the "Code"), sections 246 to 250 (public corruption) and 504bis to 504ter (private corruption) What key offences does it…

Jeroen Bedaux, Joan Carette, Jürgen Ehrlichmann, John Koh, Chia-Ling Koh, Daniela Latorre, Silvia Steiner, Jeremy Summers, Guohua Zhang

The compliance officer’s role and liability in France

France - December 10 2019 The 2016 Sapin II law on transparency, the fight against bribery and the modernisation of the economy - requires larger companies (exceeding certain…

Laura Rio

International Commercial Courts of Paris: where are we?

France - February 24 2020 Since 2018, international Commercial Matters such as commercial contracts, wrongful termination of business relationships, transport, unfair…

Post-BREXIT: mutual recognition and enforcement of UK and EU judgments

European Union, United Kingdom - June 2 2017 Following the official notification by the United Kingdom of its intention to implement Article 50(3) of the Treaty on European Union, the EU and the…

Anouchka Vie

French Anti-corruption Agency assesses progress in its fight against corruption

France - April 13 2021 The French Anti-corruption Agency (AFA) has issued a report on 31 March 2021 assessing the progress of its multiannual national plan to fight against…

Lucie Champetier