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Key information documents and the PRIIPs Regulation

European Union, United Kingdom - February 23 2018 In our Winter 2016 Quarterly Funds Update, we set out the new requirement to publish a key information document (KID) to prospective retail investors…

Helen Parsonage

What does the future hold for KIDs?

European Union, United Kingdom - October 15 2018 Since the Packaged Retail Investment and Insurance-based Products (PRIIPs) Regulation came into force in January 2018, various concerns have been…

Anna Perry

Choosing the right tool for the job: regulators focus on liquidity management

European Union, United Kingdom - July 28 2020 The onset of Covid-19 has led to re-evaluations of best practice in many aspects of asset management. From a European regulator perspective, one…

Tim Simmonds, Simon Thomas

Limited partnerships | update on the new PFLP regime

United Kingdom - October 13 2017 In our previous Funds Update edition in June, we set out the key benefits and conditions of the new private fund limited partnership (PFLP) regime…

Helen Parsonage

Institutional Limited Partners Association updates: GP-led restructurings and a focus on diversity and inclusion within private equity

United Kingdom - October 15 2018 The Institutional Limited Partners Association (ILPA) has been very busy of late, with its recent publication of several resources developed to…

Daniel Faundez