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EU proposes new approach to liability for artificial intelligence systems

European Union - October 17 2022 The European Commission has published (28 September 2022) proposals for adapting civil litigation rules in European Union Member States - and in the…

Benjamin Docquir, Catherine Hammon, Gianluigi Marino, Tamara Quinn

Is EU consumer law fit for purpose?

European Union - October 7 2022 The fast pace of technological innovation over the last few years has led to a vast increase in new consumer law regulation across Europe and the UK…

Katrina Anderson, Verity Raeside

EU's Digital Service Act to introduce first express ban on 'dark patterns'

European Union, United Kingdom - August 2 2022 The Digital Services Act (DSA) is now in almost final form and expected to become law in the European Union in the Autumn. As a result of an amendment…

Katrina Anderson

EU gets one step closer to adopting the Digital Services Act

European Union, France, Germany - May 16 2022 Negotiations between relevant stakeholders regarding the EU’s Regulation on a Single Market for Digital Services - better known as the Digital…

Claire Bouchenard, Julia Darcel, Chloe Deng, Ben Dunham, Konstantin Ewald, Lena Pannecke, Marie-Laure Pidoux

UK government announces consumer law reform in the UK and plans turnover based fines of up to 10% of global turnover for breaches of consumer law

United Kingdom - April 21 2022 The government has announced several key reforms to UK consumer law which suggests that the direction of UK consumer law may diverge from the EU's…

Katrina Anderson, John Davidson-Kelly, Konstantin Ewald, Tom Harding