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Telemedicine on the rise in Europe

European Union - May 7 2020 The European telemedicine industry is on the rise as a result of recent legalisation of activities such as remote treatment and electronic…

Esser Turkyilmaz, Herke van Hulst, Thomas Devred, Benjamin Docquir, Simon Downes, Xavier Frías, David Haex, Maria Grazia Medici, Larissa Mößmer, Dr.Tim Reinhard, Silvia Steiner, Marcus Vass, Giulia Verusio

The compliance officer’s role and liability in France

France - December 10 2019 The 2016 Sapin II law on transparency, the fight against bribery and the modernisation of the economy - requires larger companies (exceeding certain…

Lucie Mongin-Archambeaud