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UK poised to require ‘right to repair’ information for consumers

European Union, United Kingdom - April 15 2021 The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has published its response to a consultation on proposed ecodesign and energy…

Katrina Anderson, Rebecca Malone, Marc Shrimpling, Thomas Stables

Regulatory Outlook | January 2022

European Union, France, United Kingdom - January 24 2022 Welcome to our Regulatory Outlook. This revamped version of the Regulatory Outlook provides you with high-level summaries of…

Katrina Anderson, Paul Anning, Caroline Bush, Veronica Webster Celda, John Davidson-Kelly, Chloe Deng, Daniel Faundez, Jon Fell, Greg Fullelove, Matthew Germain, Tom Harding, Julian Hemming, Ashley Hurst, Nick Johnson, Gavin Jones, Katherine Kirrage, Matthew Kyle, Mary Lawrence, Eleanor Locke, Craig McCarthy, Simon Neill, Tamara Quinn, Jon Round, Thomas Stables, Jeremy Summers, Mark Taylor, Charlie Wedin, Catherine Wolfenden, Nikki Worden, Chris Wrigley

Regulatory Outlook | March 2022

European Union, United Kingdom - March 28 2022 Welcome to the Regulatory Outlook, providing you with high-level summaries of important forthcoming regulatory developments to help you navigate the…

Chloe Deng, Nick Johnson, Jeremy Summers, Chris Wrigley

Diversifying into Covid-19 protection products : relaxation of the regulatory regime

United Kingdom - April 7 2020 In light of the impact of Covid-19 on businesses and the critical need for additional supplies for frontline staff and key workers, some businesses…

Anna Lundy

Consumer Update | May 2019

European Union, United Kingdom - May 2 2019 Welcome to Osborne Clarke’s Consumer Update. This Update takes a bite-sized and practical look at recent legal and regulatory developments in consumer…

Katrina Anderson, John Davidson-Kelly, Nikki Worden