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UK regulators ask how AI and Big Tech can transform financial services

United Kingdom - November 25 2022 The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) is leading discussions into early 2023 on the future regulation of the financial services sector as a result of…

Paul Anning, Rob Camm, Paul Harris, Ashley Hurst, Katherine Kirrage, Michael Lewis, Anna Perry, Joachim Piotrowski, Nikki Worden

How the interface between AI and net zero is shaping up in the UK and beyond

United Kingdom - November 22 2022 Through the use of artificial intelligence (AI), businesses could solve a number of problems including, crucially, the transition to a net-zero…

Rob Camm, Catherine Hammon

What will be the impact of new data portability and transparency rules and the proposed "high-risk" regime for use of AI in workforce management and recruitment?

European Union, United Kingdom - October 17 2022 Osborne Clarke, in partnership with the European Company Lawyers Association, has released a report exploring the challenges and…

Kevin Barrow, Daisy Jones, Frances Lewis

Artificial Intelligence: what's on the radar?

United Kingdom - October 4 2022 Artificial intelligence (AI) is a hot topic for many companies as it rapidly becomes an integral part of many products and services. AI is also a…

Emily Barwell, Felix Hilgert

Challenging the environmental impact of data-driven business models

European Union, United Kingdom - June 14 2022 Net-zero goals have become a strategic priority for many businesses and so the carbon footprint of data-driven business models has strategic relevance…

Claire Bouchenard, Dipika Keen