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UK Supreme Court rules on zero-hours and 'umbrella worker' holiday pay

United Kingdom - July 21 2022 The Supreme Court published its decision in Harpur Trust v Brazel on 20 July. The judgment will have a big impact in some areas and will lead to major…

Kevin Barrow, Claire Bowles, Olivia Sinfield

HMRC keeps up investigations into tax evasion in labour supply chains

United Kingdom - July 13 2022 HMRC has released (30 June 2022) figures for the number of live corporate criminal offence (CCO) investigations. The report confirms that labour…

Kevin Barrow, Ian Hyde

Global Workforce Solutions Takeaway Podcast Series

Global - July 1 2022 The Workforce Solutions team have launched the Global Workforce Solutions Takeaway Podcast, where they discuss the most recent legislative changes and…

Kevin Barrow, Dr. Thomas Leister, Andrew Saul, Olivia Sinfield, Jorgo Tsiris

Global Workforce Solutions Takeaway Podcast: Using "statement of work" to support contractors working internationally

Global - June 16 2022 Workforce Solutions Welcome to the fourth episode in our Global Workforce Solutions Takeaway podcast In this podcast, Frances Lewis, Head of Workforce…

Dr. Thomas Leister

Using agency staff to break strikes in the UK - rhetoric or reality?

United Kingdom - June 13 2022 It is unclear how serious the government is in its proposals to change the law around strikes and agency workers - or how interested major staffing…

Kevin Barrow, Shaziya Kurmani, Olivia Sinfield