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Proposed EU directive may classify most gig workers and contractors as employees

European Union - January 24 2022 Many would agree that low-paid workers operating regularly via apps and digital labour platforms, and working under some degree of control should…

Kevin Barrow, Shaziya Kurmani, Olivia Sinfield, Jorgo Tsiris, Thierry Viérin

Independent Contractor Compliance - New Developments in Germany

Germany - July 26 2021 An on-going hot topic when thinking about contingent workforce compliance is the delimitation of independent contractors and employees. It is a highly…

Digital modelling helps water company simulate flood risks

United Kingdom - January 8 2019 A water company in North East England is developing pioneering software to help protect communities from flooding and other major incidents. Working…

Thomas G. Funke, Simon Hobday, Catherine Shepherd