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How to protect against counterfeit goods in distressed supply chains

European Union, United Kingdom - January 9 2023 A clear and robust IP strategy can help to fight the recent proliferation of infringements across international trade Global supply…

Becky Crawford, Robyn Trigg

IP basics: what to think about when entering the UK and EU markets (trade marks, copyright, designs)

European Union, United Kingdom - May 30 2022 If you are planning to enter the UK market, formulating a strong and well thought out Intellectual Property (IP) strategy should be key to your…

Robert Guthrie, Tim Harris, Will James, Richard May, Tamara Quinn, Arty Rajendra, Robyn Trigg

Trade secrets remain the sticking point in global debate over a vaccine IP waiver

Global - December 3 2021 A consensus on the vaccine IP waiver is yet to be reached, but will the Cancellation of WTO's 12th Ministerial Conference cause even more delay? The…

Tim Harris, Will James, Robyn Trigg

Ministry of Defence widens contractors’ rights to limit liability

United Kingdom - July 5 2021 New approach is good news for suppliers but there are crucial points they must keep in mind The UK's Ministry of Defence (MOD) has changed its policy…

Simon Hancock, Douglas Peden, Keir Pimblett

Artificial intelligence raises new questions about purpose and scope of copyright

United Kingdom - March 15 2021 Artificial intelligence (AI) is already generating "creative" works that could be entitled to copyright protection, with engineers training machines…

Hannah McCarthy