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Europe steps up 'greenwashing' vigilance with new directive proposal

Belgium, European Union, France, Poland, United Kingdom - March 23 2023 European Union law is about to be strengthened in the fight against greenwashing, with the European Commission this week publishing its proposal for…

Katrina Anderson, Auriane Quilan, Sylwia Uziębło-Kowalska

ESG reporting in Europe: Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive obligations

European Union - March 7 2023 Many EU-based businesses will have to start to make disclosures which will help asset manager and investor compliance The Corporate Sustainability…

Valentina Facchini, Matthew Germain, Dipika Keen

EU agrees reforms to its carbon market

European Union - January 3 2023 Since 1 January 2005, the European Union has had a carbon market for industrial installations. It is known as the EU emissions trading…

Joanna Peltzman, Auriane Quilan

Overzicht van milieuverplichtingen bij vastgoedtransacties in vlaanderen

Belgium - December 20 2022 Sinds 23 November 2022 is een asbestattest verplicht bij de verkoop van woningen en gebouwen gebouwd voor 2001. Tegen 2032 moet iedere gebouweigenaar…

Fran Claes

What the EU corporate sustainability reporting directive means for ESG reporting in Europe

European Union - December 5 2022 The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD), adopted this week, was announced as part of the European Green Deal and updates the…

Matthew Germain, Dipika Keen