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NHS procurement breach not 'sufficiently serious' to award damages

United Kingdom - September 28 2022 An important new judgment has been handed down by the High Court in relation to the question of whether a breach of the Public Contracts Regulations…

Kate Davies

Regulated procurement | Regulatory Outlook September 2022

United Kingdom - September 28 2022 As the Procurement Bill is set to continue its journey through the House of Lords this month, we have taken a deeper look into a key change the new…

Kate Davies, Craig McCarthy, Laura Thornton

Regulated procurement | Regulatory Outlook July 2022

United Kingdom - July 28 2022 Procurement Bill | Policy paper on transparency of UK public contracts | Public Procurement (International Trade Agreements) (Amendment) Regulations…

Craig McCarthy

UK Procurement Bill overhauls rules for exclusion of suppliers

United Kingdom - July 26 2022 The Procurement Bill, currently before the House of Lords, implements a range of changes to the procurement regime, including in relation to exclusion…

Craig McCarthy, Laura Thornton

Regulatory Outlook | June 2022

European Union, United Kingdom - June 20 2022 In its Annual Report 2021, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) announced a new project which uses artificial intelligence (AI) to capture and…

Katrina Anderson, Paul Anning, Kristian Assirati, Caroline Bush, John Davidson-Kelly, Chloe Deng, Jon Fell, Greg Fullelove, Matthew Germain, Tom Harding, Julian Hemming, Ashley Hurst, Nick Johnson, Gavin Jones, Matthew Kyle, Mary Lawrence, Craig McCarthy, Simon Neill, Tamara Quinn, Marc Shrimpling, Thomas Stables, Jeremy Summers, Mark Taylor, Katie Vickery, Charlie Wedin, Eleanor Williams, Nikki Worden, Chris Wrigley