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Urban Dynamics | Managing risk around the shift to hybrid working

European Union, United Kingdom - April 13 2021 The necessary shifts in how and where we work during the pandemic have created new legal and compliance risks for businesses. What do businesses…

Olivia Sinfield, Paul Matthews, Rachael Oakley.

Debate ranges wide on legal and regulatory questions for artificial intelligence

European Union, United Kingdom - April 9 2021 The power of artificial intelligence is such that its applications stretch far and wide across all commercial sectors. A conversation with almost any…

David Cubitt, John Buyers, Tamara Quinn.

How developing ‘data consciousness’ can drive value in the real estate sector

United Kingdom - March 18 2021 Can data deliver greater transparency and create value for the real estate sector? We report on discussions at a recent client roundtable that…

Philip Davies, Tamara Quinn.

UK National Security and Investment Bill | Fewer tech transactions to be caught under revised scope of rules

United Kingdom - March 12 2021 On 2 March 2021, the UK Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) published revised draft definitions to shape the scope of the…

Ken Wilkinson, Marc Shrimpling, Mathias Loertscher.

Supporting digitalisation through strategic tech acquisition

United Kingdom - December 10 2020 Businesses are advancing their digitalisation strategies through acquisitions that bring in technology and skills - but there are issues to bear in…

Mathias Loertscher, Sara Valentine.