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The management power of the employer and the return to on-site work

United Kingdom - September 29 2021 The health crisis caused by Covid-19 has forced the companies to introduce remote working as a preferred way to work. However, with the progress of…

Eva Otaegui

Fixed-term employment contracts are in the cross hairs

Spain - June 29 2021 Spanish government proposes reform of fixed-term contracts, with significant consequences for the Spanish labour market Spain’s Labour Ministry has…

Eva Otaegui

The repeal of the so-called “dismissal due to absenteeism”

European Union, Spain - February 24 2020 The sole article of Royal Decree-Law 4/2020 of 18 February has repealed, since 20 February 2020, Article 52.d) of the Workers' Statute, which…

Eva Otaegui

New Supreme Court ruling on travel and working time

European Union, Spain - December 27 2019 The entry into force of the obligation to register the working day has raised many questions, concerning which periods are considered as effective…

Eva Otaegui

The Constitutional Court ratifies the legality of dismissal for absenteeism, even if justified

Spain - November 28 2019 In its judgement dated 17 October, the Constitutional Court ("TC") rejected the question of unconstitutionality raised by the Social Court number 26…

Eva Otaegui