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New Supreme Court ruling on travel and working time

European Union, Spain - December 27 2019 The entry into force of the obligation to register the working day has raised many questions, concerning which periods are considered as effective…

Eva Otaegui

Riders: Freelancers or employees?

Spain - September 24 2019 The so-called riders have been providing their services in the big cities of Spain for years. However, the nature of the relationship between them…

Eva Otaegui

Temporary contracts after the labor reform: new contractual modalities

United Kingdom - March 24 2022 The recently approved labor reform has introduced numerous changes in labor hiring that companies will be obliged to introduce as of 31 March 2022…

Eva Otaegui

Navigating Collective Bargaining Agreements in Spain

Spain - March 22 2022 Employment and pensions All common employment relationships in Spain are governed by the Workers' Statute and collective bargaining agreements (CBA)…

Eva Otaegui

The repeal of the so-called “dismissal due to absenteeism”

European Union, Spain - February 24 2020 The sole article of Royal Decree-Law 4/2020 of 18 February has repealed, since 20 February 2020, Article 52.d) of the Workers' Statute, which…

Eva Otaegui