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EU proposes new approach to liability for artificial intelligence systems

European Union - October 17 2022 The European Commission has published (28 September 2022) proposals for adapting civil litigation rules in European Union Member States - and in the…

Catherine Hammon, Gianluigi Marino, Tamara Quinn, Leonie Schneider

What is the Ethereum 'Merge' and how will it make blockchain greener?

United Kingdom - September 13 2022 Ethereum is the foundational blockchain system that underpins a significant proportion of applications, including non-fungible tokens (NFTs), smart…

Catherine Hammon, Frank Hoogendijk, Chia-Ling Koh

Trust and Legal Certainty for the Data-driven Economy? A look into the EU Data Governance Act

European Union - June 14 2022 The EU sees a bright future for a European data economy. The ambition of the Data Governance Act (DGA) is to enhance legal certainty by defining…

Jeremy Godley, Catherine Hammon

Compassionate Use in Europe

European Union - April 4 2022 As European countries implement compassionate use programmes in different ways, we offer a guide to the different approaches taken within the EU and…

Hadrien Chef, Thomas Devred, Will James, Maria Grazia Medici, Silvia Steiner

EU Data Act proposal: Commission plans comprehensive right to data access

European Union, Global - February 23 2022 Data is the fuel for data-driven business models, and the European Commission intends to provide this fuel. The Commission’s proposal for an EU Data…

Catherine Hammon, Felix Hilgert, Gianluigi Marino, Samuel Martínez, Xavier Pican, Rafael García del Poyo, Tamara Quinn, Dr. Jens Schefzig, Mark Taylor, Joanne Zaaijer