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Legislators worldwide move to adopt regulation by design

United Kingdom - January 24 2022 A new form of regulation is emerging that will help keep pace with developments in artificial intelligence There is new global trend in the…

Xavier Pican, Rafael García del Poyo, Tamara Quinn

Sustainable disruption: 12 decarbonising technologies for cities | Report

Global, United Kingdom - November 16 2021 Cities are a vital part of the race To net zero - cities consume more Than two-thirds of the world’s Energy and account for more than 70% of global…

Claire Bouchenard, John Buyers, Conrad Davies, Alexander Dlouhy, Jon Fell, Karima Lachgar, Alessandro Villa, James Watson, Guohua Zhang

Cross-border data transfers: what’s the state of play?

European Union, United Kingdom - July 22 2021 Seven takeaways for businesses considering data transfers and the use of new SCCs The European Commission's new Standard Contractual Clauses (SCCs)…

Emma Finlayson, Emily Jones, Tamara Quinn, Mark Taylor, Runa Wohlthat

Be prepared | The growing regulatory focus in Europe on artificial intelligence applications

European Union, United Kingdom - May 11 2021 It is already the case that artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere, generating ease, efficiency and insight across all sectors. It is also already…

John Buyers, Béatrice Delmas-Linel, Catherine Hammon, Dr. Johannes Graf Ballestrem, LL.M., Gianluigi Marino, Rafael García del Poyo

Belgian legislative proposal to provide more transparency on the use of algorithms by the government

Belgium, European Union, United Kingdom - May 10 2021 Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems open up new opportunities for organisations, both in the private and public sector, to improve their services and…

John Buyers, Margo Cornette, Béatrice Delmas-Linel, Catherine Hammon, Rafael García del Poyo, Leonie Schneider