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Advertising and Marketing | UK Regulatory Outlook March 2023

European Union, United Kingdom, USA - March 28 2023 The European Commission published its proposal for a Directive on Green Claims. The Commission's proposed legislation, known as th…

Katrina Anderson, Chloe Deng, Nick Johnson

FCA targets potential ESG 'harms' caused by UK asset management firms

United Kingdom - March 7 2023 ESG investment products and strategies can pose risks to consumers and markets if not carefully labelled and described The Financial Conduct…

Charles Crowne, Benedicte Perowne

Advertising and Marketing | UK Regulatory Outlook February 2023

United Kingdom - February 28 2023 The UK Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) and the Broadcast Committee of Advertising Practice (BCAP) have updated their "The environment:…

Katrina Anderson, Chloe Deng, Nick Johnson

How advertisers need to get ahead of the Web3 evolution and its legal ramifications

United Kingdom - February 21 2023 Significant interest is building around the concept of "Web3" as the possible next evolution of the internet, using blockchain technology to create a…

Claire Bouchenard, Felix Hilgert, Nick Johnson, Gianluigi Marino, Guohua Zhang

CMA investigations to extend to consumer product 'green' claims in UK

United Kingdom - January 27 2023 Ongoing drive to tackle greenwashing and misleading claims means businesses - including food, toiletries, cosmetics and cleaning products - should…

Katrina Anderson, Katie Vickery