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What was there in the Queen's Speech for real estate?

United Kingdom - May 13 2021 The background briefing notes to the Queen's Speech 2021 were published yesterday as a policy paper and provide more details of the government's…

Kevin Bell, Jonathan Bower, Tim Burbidge, Kevin Gibbs

Planning for the Future: white paper consultations for reforming the planning system in England

United Kingdom - August 17 2020 On 6 August the Government published its much-anticipated White Paper 'Planning for the Future'. For a white paper it contains a remarkable number of…

Jonathan Bower, Kevin Gibbs, Sara Wex

The high street, town centres and planning reform in England - the Use Classes Order

United Kingdom - August 14 2020 Major changes are afoot for those owning, occupying, funding or developing…

Tim Burbidge, Kevin Gibbs, Thomas Holdaway, Sara Wex

Overview reports: HS2 Phase One London to Birmingham and the West Midlands works in each local authority area

United Kingdom - August 21 2017 The High Speed Rail (London to West Midlands) Act 2017 (HS2 Act) section 20(1) grants deemed planning permission under Part 3 of the Town and Country…

Jonathan Bower

Elections - their impacts on emerging policy, legislation and decision-making

United Kingdom - April 24 2017 The forthcoming local government (and metro mayor) elections on 4 May 2017 in parts of the country mean we are already in a period of 'purdah' during…

Jonathan Bower, Sara Wex