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The time has come to check your EPC ratings

United Kingdom - April 4 2014 Landlords and tenants of privately rented domestic and non - domestic properties in England, Wales and Scotland will soon be affected by forthcoming…

Becca Grimes

Environment and safety review - spring 2014

European Union, United Kingdom - May 16 2014 Common law has, for a long time, provided assistance when a person’s right to enjoy their land has been infringed by activities of their neighbours…

Emma Feeney, Adam Hedley, Francesca Hodgson, Sarah Holmes, Stuart Wardlaw

EU ETS stop the clock – when will the clock start ticking again?

European Union - March 26 2014 On 19 March 2014 the European Parliament Environment Committee rejected a deal exempting flights travelling outside of the EU from EU ETS compliance…

Becca Grimes

New European rules on non-financial reporting for large companies

European Union, United Kingdom - April 29 2014 A draft directive introducing new non-financial reporting rules for large companies employing more than 500 people was approved by the European…

Becca Grimes

Regulatory issues - waste

European Union, United Kingdom - February 6 2014 The drive for sustainable growth is evidenced in particular in the waste sector as the government shifts its regulatory focus to the recycling and…

Duncan Tilney