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Can the wood now be seen from the trees on village greens?

United Kingdom - December 11 2019 Today's Supreme Court joint decision on village greens involving a site in Surrey on land owned by NHS Property Services (the NHSPS Case)[1] and also…

Jonathan Bower, Antonia Murillo

HS2 - Phase 2 route selection

United Kingdom - November 15 2016 The Department for Transport has today endorsed Sir David Higgins’ recommendation in July 2016 for the alternative Phase 2b route in South Yorkshire…

Jonathan Bower, Paula Dillon, Richard Guyatt, Katy McPhie

The impact on environment and planning law after the EU referendum

European Union, United Kingdom - August 12 2016 Environmental regulation The need for countries to respond to the challenges of climate change, greenhouse gas emissions, resource scarcity, waste…

Sarah Holmes, Stuart Wardlaw

Reinstatement of the Vacant Building Credit

United Kingdom - May 26 2016 Following the Court of Appeal decision the Written Ministerial Statement made on 28 November 2014 (and subsequently revised on 27 February and 26…

Kevin Gibbs, Sara Wex

Waste recovery vs waste disposal: a line in the sand… and gravel?

United Kingdom - December 15 2015 This case considered the application of the definitions of 'waste recovery' and 'waste disposal', in the Waste Framework Directive 2008/98/EC (WF…

Ian Meyer, Sara Wex