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Do you sell CE marked goods in the UK? Are you ready for the upcoming UKCA mark deadline?

European Union, United Kingdom - November 3 2022 As the UK continues its post-Brexit transition out of the European Union, new regulatory regimes are being adopted to replace those enforced in the…

Michael J. Sullivan

Increased risks for businesses - proposed new CMA powers

United Kingdom - April 21 2022 The UK Government has recently announced that it proposes to enhance the CMA's consumer protection and competition powers. The new powers include:…

Andrij Jurkiw

The Environment Act 2021 - what about waste?

United Kingdom - November 19 2021 The Environment Act 2021 received Royal Assent on 9 November 2021. It has taken its time to get here, with a general election, Brexit, a global…

Francesca Hodgson, Stephen Panton

New product compliance rules for businesses exporting to the EU and NI

European Union, United Kingdom - May 6 2021 New rules will prohibit certain goods from being sold in the European Union (EU) and Northern Ireland (NI) unless an economic operator established in…

Nicky Strong

COVID-19: managing workplace safety - an update following 100 days in lockdown

United Kingdom - July 13 2020 At the start of lockdown, the Health and Safety Executive's (HSE) general approach was to work with employers to ensure compliance and to issue…

Jon Cooper